February is Trail Fundraising month!

NUMB is currently asking for donations for the Trail Fund that will be used for the redesign of the Red Fleet Downhill Flow trail. Your funds will be used to bring out IMBA Trail Solutions this spring to complete the design. Their cost estimate and preliminary design will be used to apply for Outdoor Recreation dollars later this spring. With your help to keep this project on track, we could be breaking ground next spring! There are two ways to give:

Please consider joining NUMB via IMBA during the month of February. Your entire membership received by NUMB ($38 of a $50 membership) will go into our Trail Fund if you join or renew this month! Head over to win.IMBA.com now!
Already a member? Consider giving NUMB a donation via our GoFundMe
page. Go to GoFundMe and search for Red Fleet Downhill Flow , or click on one of the available links in the message.  We've already raised $1145 dollars through NUMB -- thank you everyone who has donated so far! We still have a ways to go though so please consider contributing anything -- even $10 -- to help get this project off the ground. In addition to the individual NUMB members that have donated, Sunrise Engineering and BLM will also be helping with this effort. If you know of any local businesses that may be interested in donating, let us know at contact@bikenumb.org . With your help, this could be an exciting year for mountain biking in Vernal!


GoFundMe: Red Fleet Downhill Flow Trail!

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Email NUMB at contact@bikenumb.org

NUMB-Fest 2017 ​​was Amazing!
Thank you to everybody for coming out and supporting NUMB!

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NUMB is a non-profit educational association whose mission is to create, enhance and preserve great trail experiences for mountain bikers in northeastern Utah. NUMB seeks to preserve, protect, and promote mountain bike access and diverse riding opportunities on Utah’s public and private lands through education, communication, and unified action.